These are products made from natural raw materials with no additives, exactly as witnessed in nature.

Corozo Buttons, Horn Buttons, Mother of Pearl Buttons, Wooden Buttons, Bone Buttons


The fruit of a tree that grows in Ecuador, also known as Tagua. It is 100% natural and is a durable product suitable for long-term use thanks to its structure. Corozo's texture is like that of a fingerprint and this gives it an interesting look. It is a type of button that can be used in every product groups in the textile sector.


A type of button obtained from real buffalo horns. It is limited in color varieties, however, it is a button of choice thanks to its natural look. It is suitable for laser writing.


A button obtained from mussels and other seashell creatures. It is a valuable product that can be painted in every color and whose usage area extends from ready-made clothing to home textiles.


Bone buttons are natural products like horn and corozo buttons. Painting, charring, and laser patterning and writing can be applied. Mostly, it is used to give a worn effect.


Also known as bakelite buttons, urea buttons are a kind of horn imitation button. Due to it being a natural product, you can obtain very successful results when laser, pattern, and vintage effects are applied. When laser writing or wear procedures are applied, a color in a tone that is lighter than its own natural color emerges.


A type of button produced in zamak or brass and that can be applied using various coating colors and painting techniques. It is used in many areas of the textile sector.


Polyester buttons are produced in two ways. Sheet casting is in one single plain color. While bar buttons are obtained first through having different colors simultaneously poured onto a bar and then having them cut in a cylindrical form. With this method, patterns can be created in this button without different color tones getting mixed up with each other.


A natural type of button obtained from various tree trunks and barks. Very special models can be obtained when laser patterning or writing, varnishing, and charring procedures are applied on wooden buttons.


Our fabrics are one of the most important elements of our shirt materials. The fabrics and accessories used in your purchased product are produced using sanforization by the best manufacturers in Italy and Turkey with patterns and designs specific to BISSE.

Since 1976, prioritizing R&D and technology, BİSSE’s products manufactured in factories sensitive to environmental and human health, holding international quality certificates, are designed for you by the best designers in their field. In order that your products have a long lifetime, we recommend that they be hung vertically in a spacious environment, be left to rest for at least two days after each use, and be dry cleaned.


Giz is the name given to Egyptian cotton with extra long fibers. The humid climate and rich soils of the Nile Valley provide the perfect conditions for the production of long fibers.

The fiber staple length of Giza cotton varies between 1 1/2 inches to 2 1/4 inches. As the length of the fibers are longer than other cotton varieties, it is possible to produce in very thin yarn counts. How do Giza products provide an advantage for consumers? Clothing products and textiles produced from 100% Giza have a very high resistance when you compare them to Upland or Upland/Normal mixed products. The fineness of Giza fibers provides a higher warp than yarn count and this makes the fabric softer, floatier, and its color shine brighter. The most important difference between Giza cotton and Upland cotton is the fiber length and resistance. In the USA, if the cotton is 1 inch 3/8 or longer, then it is called ELS or Giza. In addition, the value of the resistance and smoothness is noticeably much more than that of Upland cotton. Giza fibers are very soft, shiny, and resistant. One of the properties that makes Giza cotton high quality is its power of absorption. Thanks to this property, the dye is better absorbed making the product more vibrant in color for a longer period of time when compared to other cottons. Giza cotton is the choice of global brands appealing to luxury and higher income groups. We feel the justified pride of offering you, our valuable customers, shirts manufactured by painstakingly uniting the fabric obtained from world-renowned Giza cotton with perfect handwork.


Our 100% Linen, 100% Cotton special fabrics are Zegna fabrics.

These fabrics come in 70/1, 90/1 and 100/2 standard weaves. In addition, we have “Platinum” very special weave fabrics in 170/2, 200/2, 240/2, and 300/2 weaves, making our customers feel extra special.