Because we are BİSSE


BİSSE carries out human resources system practices identified in accordance with the company mission and vision, corporate goals and strategies, and business plans, and which will help the company reach its future goals.


We hire qualified employees who suit the human resources definition planned and identified in line with the company's short and long-term business plans, are experienced in their fields, and work in harmony with the company's ethical principles protocol.


BİSSE employees are subject to performance evaluation regarding their goals determined in accordance with the company goals and strategies. Performance evaluation results are used for the staff's training, development, and career plans and taken into consideration when it comes to promotions and assignments.


The training needs of BİSSE employees are determined in accordance with the business goals and the competencies expected to be developed and then training and development plans are carried out.


BİSSE performs a recognizing and awarding system that supports high performance, rewards employees' work output and success, and provides employee motivation.


Necessary work is carried out to take actions towards evaluating and improving employee satisfaction.


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Your applications made through the advertisement “General Application” will be recorded at Bisse Human Resources database to be evaluated for potential future work opportunities.

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