is to REACH OUT to the INDUSTRY with ART

Having set out 40 years ago on its path to becoming a brand while never compromising on quality, today BİSSE is the most important company that has a say in its sector's domestic and international markets and that sets the trends.

>With its new stores to be opened in 2016, BİSSE aims to increase its number of stores across different Turkish cities and abroad to 65 and its sales points to 500. At the same time, BİSSE is a brand that has many firsts to its name. Among them, it was the first Turkish brand to be exported and was also the first Turkish brand to be exhibited alongside world-famous companies at the world’s important trade shows.

Having an important experience and machinery pool with its shirts manufactured in its own factories from 1976 up until today, since 2001 BİSSE has aimed to bring its quality and experience attained in menswear with its shirts to outerwear too, presenting BİSSE-branded two-piece suits, blazers, pants, t-shirts, knitwear, jackets, coats, topcoats, and shoes for its customers' approval.

Setting out with the principle “Manufacturing shirts is an art and the final touches to this art are the details”, BİSSE became a brand mentioned in its own right throughout the world thanks to the importance it gives to the details. Being a national brand but not contenting itself with that and further advancing its aims, BİSSE progresses towards becoming a brand beloved, favored, and popular across the world. BİSSE, whose name comes from the Turkish acronym of the phrase “Together Our Principle is to Reach Out to the Industry with Art”, has continued to be the leader in its sector from the past up until today thanks to the importance it gives to teamwork and the art it creates.

Our Mission and our Vision


To make sure that the success of our brand is sustainable with our principle of giving value to art while never compromising quality in our products and services


To be an international leader in the sector with its quality, innovative, and sustainable success.


  • Corporate Management Understanding
  • Success and Customer Orientation
  • Innovativeness and Distinction
  • Employee Loyalty and Continuous Development

B76 Sport line

Now entering its 40th year, BİSSE, the brand that has become a menswear classic B76appeals to the metropolitan man’s search for freedom with its new sub-brand B76.

B76, created as a result of great devotion, is, like B76, also a brand with an indispensable quality passing from father to son. The brand began its story taking its name from the BİSSE principle and the date of its foundation in 1976.

The B76 man is a dynamic, brave, adventurous, free-spirited lover of discovery, who stands out with his style and knows his own taste.

B76 Collection

Production every 7 seconds.

70 million meters of fabric were used

41 years with you

The world's 5th Quality Shirt Brand